Title  Board Member Email   
 President Bob Denney
 Vice President Pat Cleary  mail@cedardowns.org  
 Secretary Molly Jackson  mail@cedardowns.org  
 Treasurer Viviana Chacon
 Facilities Dan Jurich
 General Questions The Board  mail@cedardowns.org  
 Title  Committe Leader  Email  
 Welcome Shirley Miller
 Architectural Control Acting:    mail@cedardowns.org  
 Keys Brooke Dillion   mail@cedardowns.org  
 Web Site Jesse Fitzgerald   cdhawebmaster@cedardowns.org
 Pavilion Reservations Web Site / Molly Jackson
 Grief Network Patti Nilssen
Welcome to Cedar Downs where we work together to create a safe, well maintained and fun community for all families!  

We are in the heart of Maple Valley with 170 homes in acres of pristine wooded countryside that includes access to a private lakeside park.
Main entry into Cedar Downs is from Witte Road turning onto 254th.  You then enter into a community of multi Divisions (click here to see map/divisions) where all homes were built with a unique individual style.                                 

                                                                                             Our CDHA Board of Directors
Sec: Molly Jackson